Whether you drive a VW or not, this old 10 minute video is required viewing if you want to understand the value of a good valve adjustment.  The same principles apply to your 911, 912, 914 and many other engines.


A precise valve adjustment is critical to the health and proper operation of your engine.  Improper valve clearance can cause:

  • Burning of valves & valve seats
  • Distortion of valves
  • Poor performance
  • Rough engine running
  • Change in exhaust emissions
  • Noise timing mechanism
  • Changed valve timing

This video nicely demonstrates the OEM method of valve adjustment but, as you can see, requires “proper feel” and “rechecking to make sure the adjustment screw did not move and readjustment if it did.”  These problems are amplified in a 911 engine where the valve adjustment screws are less accessible that those on the VW.  All of these same imprecise judgment calls and more can be completely avoided by using the SNAPGAP system and tools.  To learn how and why SNAPGAP is an easier, more precise, faster and bulletproof method for adjusting valves, please watch this 3 minute animation.