The Valve Adjustment Solution For Your Porsche! 

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For DIY or Shop Mechanics

With SNAPGAP, you SEE the adjustment. 

No guesswork with a feeler gauge.

No clattering valves.

Precise valve adjustment -- in minutes.

Customer Comments

"Once you do one, you'll get the feel of the process, which takes about 2-3 minutes per valve. Cruise along and yes, it is fun. And better yet, peace of mind knowing all of your valves are not "close"....not to "feel"....and not "good enough" but exactly .1mm."

“Brad, I have 2 911's a 79 with a 3.2 and weber carbs and a turbo look 82 with an 88 3.2 motor. I did the 82 last year with Snapgap and was totally impressed very easy to use, its time to do the 79 now and Snapgap is the only way to do it now that I have used it.”

"Just did a 100,000 mile tune-up on my 1991 964 C4 and did the valve adjustment with the SnapGap kit. It's foolproof, fast, and easy to use. Total time to complete the valve job once the valve covers were off was about 15 minutes.

The math behind how it works is spot-on with a very accurate way to obtain the 0.1 mm gap. Brad is the owner of SnapGap and couldn't have been more helpful. Amazing customer service."

"This is a great tool and makes doing valve adjustments a breeze. No figuring or worrying if you have the valves adjusted correctly. (Too tight---Too Loose) The savings over taking it to a shop makes it a worthwhile tool."

"I helped test out this system in its early version and it worked perfect. I did it with the engine in the car with no clearance issues whatsoever.

I’ve done my 911 valve adjustments using a few different tools and this method is foolproof. Especially true if your elephant feet are worn or sloppy." 

"I adjusted the valves using the SnapGap system that I decided to try out (pretty cool method and it's dead-nuts on gap)."


If you are comfortable changing your oil, removing your valve covers and finding TDC, you will have no problem using SNAPGAP to accurately adjust your valves.

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Q.  Can the SNAPGAP parts get loose in my engine?

A.  We have extensively road tested this system (running it in a '78SC for more than a year) and have never had any parts get loose. This is because the stainless steel screw that folds the spring steel collar against the valve adjustment screw threads is held in place by back pressure from the spring steel once it is locked down. Further, the collar screw has a pre-applied high temp nylon threadlocker patch that is good up to 500 degrees F to prevent the screw from rotating. Finally, unlike the OEM jam nut, the collar itself is locked to the valve adjustment screw and, of course, the valve adjustment screw with the elephant’s foot on it is not able to be removed from the rocker arm without taking the entire rocker arm out of the engine. 

Q. Can SNAPGAP be installed with the engine in the car?

A.  The tools are designed to work in the tight confines of most 911 engines. However, for example and as with other methods, depending on your engine, you may need to remove the CAT or, alternatively, use a standard torque wrench to get behind the CAT or past lines and hoses.

Q.  How does SNAPGAP account for "cupping" or other misshapen wear features of the valve stem and elephant's foot?

A.  Unlike with a flat feeler that cannot account for high and low spots on the valve stem and elephant's foot, SNAPGAP sets the precise gap even if they are worn or misshapen.

Q.  How many times can I re-use the SNAPGAP collars and shims?

A.  With our complete kits, we provide enough shims and screws for 3 fresh valve adjustments.  Tests have shown that collars can be re-used several times.  Individual collars and sets of shims can be purchased separately.

Q.  Why can't I reuse the shims?

A.  You can, but after you break off the shim handle you may find it hard to access the shim and reinsert it.

Q. Will the SNAPGAP collar harm the threads on my valve adjustment screws?

A.  No.

Q.  Can the torque wrench be used to loosen as well as tighten?

A.  Yes.  It won't hurt the wrench.

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SNAPGAP is designed to work with undamaged valve adjustment screws, rocker arms and rocker arm shafts and bushings.   If your valve adjustment screw threads are damaged such that you cannot smoothly screw a M8 x 1.0 OEM nut on and off your valve adjustment screw with finger pressure, you must repair or replace your valve adjustment screw before using SNAPGAP.  Using a damaged valve adjustment screw, rocker arm, rocker arm shaft or rocker arm bushing with SNAPGAP can result in inaccurate valve lash which can damage your valves and engine.  

Product testers have repaired  damaged valve adjustment screws with a 1.0 pitch thread file or M8 x 1.0 die.  Of course, replacement valve adjustment screws can be purchased from many vendors.